A Mutual Relationship and Benefit among nations can be found by acknowledging and practicing EEO. Since each society intends to advance its people, hiring practices which are fair to all concerned must be the basic standard of any society.

Being sensitive against employment barriers in your own country, and then adopting educational programs and laws as an institutionalized value to accomplish your tasks.

We recognize the facts that each country has a different form of employment discrimination compare to other nations; and yet, each nation should practice anti-discriminatory hiring practices.

Our Philosophy: Employment Fairness with no barriers.

EEO WORLDWIDE philosophy is about equal employment opportunities for everyone. To do this we must remove the ghost from our current employment practices in order to select applicants by using an objective standard.

Using QUALIFICATIONS with respect to JOB REQUIREMENTS (JOB-DUTIES) is an act of adapting to social reality in the world. We are primarily concerned about the discrimination of employment practices.

Job discrimination also occurs after a person has been hired – mobbing and assigning discriminatory job tasks.

We acknowledge that not having a job is also an aspect of job discrimination. If globalization means anything, for sure, it does not suggest globalizing job discrimination. A world in which EEO is practiced is preferred to one in which job discrimination dehumanizes human fundamental values.

Thus, anti-discriminatory hiring practices contribute to people’s advancement.